Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Great FB Migration: October 2012

Oct. 7: District 12 Salute above the dam within the actual, honest to goodness, true blue District 12. Movie nerds unite! 

At the site of District 12 in Mills River, NC.
Oct. 9: On the road again . . . 
After an epic visit to District 12 & Henry River Mill Village followed by family bonding in Asheville, NC, we are journeying across TN on our way to a lengthy stay in Little Rock. 2 adults, 2 teens, 2 Tweens, 3 energetic bundles of energy, 1 boisterous toddler & a just turned 1 month old. And no one has died & lots of laughter with only occasional grouches.

Oct. 11: Leaving Harding University today, I was struck by the lack of longing I felt. I expected to feel tugs for the good old days, sentimental yearnings for that part of my life of more than 20 years ago. Instead, I felt a peace and joy as I looked at what was leaving the campus with me: a family built over the years since. I have no desire to go back. I am perfectly content with my life today. And if that is all I discovered today, it is quite the gift.

Standing outside a bathroom at Harding with Cooper hanging with me in the Bjorn while I lounge against the wall with my hands in my jeans pockets waiting for the crew, I was approached by a student. 
"Are you the one in my math class?"
Self: "Nope." [grins]
Student: "Oh. [looks closer & notices Cooper] I thought that was your backpack!"
She begins to notice other Little Rutherfords. 
"Are these all yours?"
Self: "Yep." [still grinning]
Student: "I thought you were, like, 20!"
Compliment accepted.

Back where it all began at the Harding University Bible Building where Scott & I were married almost 18 years ago. Who knew what we had started?!

Oct. 18: Bittersweet day. Friends are waiting in Tennessee, family is waiting in Ohio & Pennsylvania, yet leaving family in Arkansas tomorrow. This is one of those days when I truly appreciate the beauty of heaven which awaits. 
Four generations 
Oct. 19: Memphis Skyline ahead. Early morning goodbyes left most Little Rutherfords teary & tired, so other than Jim Dale's wonderful narration of "Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire," it's been a quiet sunrise. 2,576 miles and counting.

3,201 miles and stopping for the next 36 hours. Streeeeeeeeeeeetch. 

Oct. 21: Heading home with a happy heart & grateful for thoughts full of memories and arms still warm from goodbye hugs.

Passing the "Pennsylvannia Welcomes You" sign, Abigail's eyes lit up as she asked, "Are we finally back on our world?" 3,349 miles and counting . . .

3,635 miles. Home. Ahhhhhhhhhh

Oct. 23: First non-Scott day in 47 days. We're all a little blue around here.

Oct. 25: Exciting day for the Rutherfords! At the orthodontist awaiting the unveiling of Isabelle's new smile.

Oct. 26: Tucker
Oct. 29:  Hurricane Sandy Hits. Still enjoying our electricity and basement is the only place we're getting water. So far the Rutherford 11 are weathering Sandy quite well.

Power flickers . . .

Calling it a night. Continued prayers for everyone throughout the night and hoping that when we wake up our lights will still be working.

Oct. 30: Woke up to power and much less water in the basement than we thought. Winds & rain are light while most of the houses around us are very, very dark. Very thankful for our being passed over in this storm.

Several shingles on our back deck & in the grass. Not yet willing to go outside to figure out if they're ours or not. Littles still think this is quite the adventure. OARs didn't sleep well thanks to the noisy wind. Popcorn and Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire audio for breakfast.

Oct. 30, 2012: First birthday without Granma Bach.

No mater how many times I read or watch it, I'm always hopeful Frodo will simply destroy the ring instead of finally allowing it to take him over. I'm really not sure what that says about me.

Oct. 31: You know you're a unique family when two packages of new cloth diapers arrive and the kids are as excited as you are! Buddah Cooper grew much faster than we thought he would. Hold on kiddo: we're getting them ready as fast as we can!

So. . . Good Mom for being completely caught up in the merriment with the kiddos or Rotten Mom for not taking a single picture of Halloween imagination?

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