Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nox Update

Well, as usual, this time of year is crazy, crazy, crazy.  Between homeschooling end-of-the-year paperwork, Scott's schedule at work, he and Shelby prepping to work Camp Sonshine at Manatawny, and trying to get every project in the house done before I hit my third trimester, we have had NO TIME.  Add into that Shelby's stepped-up activity in the Youth Group and we are going to be lucky to find an evening within the next two weeks in order for Scott and I to watch the new Star Trek before it leaves the theaters.  Sigh.

So, anyway - we have finally reached a peace treaty with Nox.  He no longer pees on things in the house and we allow him to go outside whenever he wants.  We put him on the monthly flea and tick prevention and he is an altogether different cat.   I am actually starting to like him. He's still not my fav, but definitely better than he was.

I am going back to my day of lounging.  We finally managed to get all the school portfolios assembled and ready to be evaluated, and I'm beat.  So we have taken the last two crazy cold & rainy days to sit around and just watch movies.  I know, I know - not very intellectually stimulating, but it has been really nice to not be thinking.  About anything.