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The Great FB Migration: November 2012

Nov. 1: The Annual Candy Breakfast
Let the sugar coma commence
Nov. 1: Today I am thankful for a church family that is more concerned about love than tradition. Families were encouraged to spend last night together within their communities. Children were met by smiling Christians when they rang doorbells instead of darkened doorsteps and empty houses. Conversations were a possibility simply by being a part of the crowd.

Weird homeschool bargaining: "If I clean the bathroom you're supposed to do tomorrow, can I   practice my piano first?"

I find it very ironic that we continually receive political mailings insisting that free birth control from the government is my right. Either they have no idea who they are sending these to OR they know a little too much.

Nov. 2: Today I am thankful for our children, who love and serve their family and others with cheerful hearts and without hesitation.

Nov. 3: I am thankful to live within walking distance to two people who dedicated their lives to raising Godly children and now mentor, encourage, and bless their grandchildren. Thanks, mom & dad! 

I think we've pushed the "no heat" thing to its limit. I may cave today and turn on the heater. Then again, I may just put on socks.

I'm starting to feel my awake-at-5:30-after-an-up-every-90-miutes-night and we just received word that a rained out soccer game from last weekend is rescheduled for 90 minutes from now. Yay for Scott waking up in time to take Tucker!!

Nov. 4: I am incredibly thankful that in our home there is no "that's your job" and that we instead approach everything as a team. I greatly appreciate the serenity such a lifestyle of service by all encourages.

The Rutherfords are officially ready for crispy weather! Bulky parkas came out this morning and we quickly realized that our closet was way too small to hold them all. Some measurements & a quick trip to Lowes for $50 in supplies followed by some paint and assembly and our unused corner was transformed. That's 4 hours well spent right there! 

Nov. 5: I am thankful for the couple who devoted their lives to raising the incredible man I married. They have taught us so much about love, devotion, honor, and support as we have watched them care for aging parents. Our children have blossomed from their unconditional love and incredible patience. 
There are not many who could have 11 people in their home for 10 days and smile about it the entire time! We all love you, mom & dad. I am so grateful you're such an important part of our lives! 

Nov. 6: I am thankful for the couple who chose to be in our lives as parents, grandparents, and friends. I know that we are just one family of many who has been blessed by their love, wisdom, teachings, and time. Not only have they provided Scott and I with patient encouragement to be better at everything we do, but they treat all nine of our children as if they are theirs and provide yet another unshakable source of love. I know many could share the same thoughts and we are so grateful to be a part of your lives. Thank you Chip & Kathy. We love and appreciate you both.
Nov. 7: I am thankful for my oldest Little Rutherford, Shelby. She continues to grow into her own person, searching out what fits her ideals based on her foundation of Godly living. I appreciate her willingness to take extra time when required, her infectious laugh, her twinkling eyes when being ornery, her service-oriented spirit, her very different perspective from my own, and her steady growth into the woman she feels God is calling her to be. Thanks, Shelby. I really do adore you. 

Nov. 8: I am so thankful for our ManChild, Dawson. He is so close to passing me in height that it is beginning to feel odd to think of him as a "child" at all. I appreciate his fun-loving spirit which helps to keep all of us cheerful. His positive attitude and quick ability to find the lemonade among the lemons helps us all to keep our perspective. His strong sense of right is already an encouragement to those around him. And I truly love how much of my brother,Ryan, I see in his mannerisms and personality. Thank you, Dawson. I love you, kiddo!

Watching "The Avengers" with the kiddos. At a very high action moment, Abigail (5) exclaims, "Now that is just horrifying!" I nod in agreement & then she continues. "Those people had to leave behind their food!" 

Nov. 9: I am so thankful for our middle daughter, Isabelle. She has such a gentle spirit and provides a welcome oasis in our craziness. Her eyes betray her mischievous side, yet she is one of the best secret keepers ever! Her unerring ability to soothe babies to sleep is deeply appreciated here in Rutherford-dom, along with her patience when teaching Littles & her own eagerness to learn.  Thank you, Isabelle. We all love you tremendously!

Nov. 10: I am thankful for our 4-eyed wonder, Tucker. He was the most healing gift after we lost our Esther and has continued to be exactly what our family needs! I appreciate his strong commitment to doing what is right, his uncompromising ethics, his playful nature, his ability to seamlessly bridge the gap from littles to OARs, and his deep foundation drawn from God's word. He is the oldest of our Three Amigos & we couldn't live him more!! 

Nov. 11: I am so thankful for the first of the dynamic duo to make his appearance. Keats cried for mere moments before laying under the warming lights as casual as if he were on a beach and has continued to approach life with natural serenity. I appreciate his fierce protectiveness for his family, his utter joy at being a twin, his playful nature, and his strong sense of fairness. Watching his & Aidan's friendship is one of our favorite perks of parenting & I am so thankful we were blessed with our matchy-matchy boys. We all love you, Keats! 

Nov. 12: Today I am thankful for Aidan, the youngest of our twins & our Three Amigos. He is the only Little Rutherford who had no interest in being born & he protested every step of the way. I appreciate his quiet nature, his trust-yet-verify approach to new adventures, his love of being a twin & his interest in exploiting their identicalness to its fullest potential, and his desire to include everyone. Love you, AidanBoy! 

Nov. 13: I am thankful for our Abigail. She is our haven of dancing pink amidst all the muddy blue with a right hook which proves she can keep up. Her laughter, her quick mind, her total unawareness of her surroundings, her love of all things pink, her adoration of her big sisters, her sparkly eyes & ornery antics, and her empathy for others in pain are all wound up inside her beautiful self. Love you, PinkiePinky. 

~friend comment: I find myself anxiously awaiting your posts about your kids each morning. Thank you for that sweet little blessing.

Nov. 14: Hey Elyas! It's an entire day to be thankful for you! And, to be honest, it's an easy way to spend our day since you, Sir, are everyone's favorite Little Mister. From your unique blonde hair to your impeccable manners, your expressive face to your cheery disposition, you brighten all our days. I enjoy hearing both your infectious giggles as you dash about and your rendition of the "ABCs" echoing from the bathroom. Your silliness helps us keep from getting too serious in our day-to-day routine and your prayers melt my heart. The whole crew is grateful you're in the family, ElyasBoy. We love, love, love you! 

Nov. 14: Our Little Sumo Boy, Cooper Finnick
Nov. 15: Cooper Finnick, methinks you knew today was your day! I snuggled you to sleep last night fully expecting to see you soon, not seven hours later! M'boy, you have bewitched us all. There is not a single member of this family who would not move heaven and earth just for you. Your sweet breath flittering on us when you sleep, your flailing arms when you're upset, your new, crooked little smiles, and your alert eyes which are just beginning to truly see are just a few of the "you moments" we cherish each day. We're all thankful for you and your rolly-polly self, Cooper. And we're in love all over again.

Note to self: when wee Cooper sleeps for 7 hours straight during the night, he shall wish to spend all morning and most of the afternoon eating to make up for it, resulting math being taught by my toes today. Be careful what you wish for.

Nov. 16: What can I say about the man who makes our lives as amazing as they are? Is there ever a way to truly express how thankful I am that he is who he is? Scott, you are the butter to my bread, the peas to my carrots, your Mr. Darcy to my Miss Bennett, my forever measure of time, and the reason it IS a wonderful life. You for me and me for you. Thanks. God sure knew what He was doing. 19 years and counting . . .

~ To my children, Back off, these brownies are MINE. You cannot drive me to the edge of insanity all day and then think I would possibly share! Now, go eat your carrots, cheese slices, & clementines and leave me to my still-warm comfort food. 

Nov. 17: As silly as it sounds, I am thankful for yet another way to quench our family love of Legos & Lord of the Rings. We just cracked open the new Wii game which Cooper lovingly preordered for his family shortly after his birth. There is something magical about all the children clustered in a room together laughing and cheering each other on. So I am also very thankful for our beloved Uncle Skip & Aunt Linda for surprising us with our Wii all those years ago. Victory is near . . .

Nov. 18: I am so thankful for Facebook and the access through it that I am provided to extended family and friends from all stages of life. It is an incredible thing to me that I can see what a friend from elementary school is doing, an update from a cousin settling into her new life in Africa, and learning the outcome of a college friend's surgery all within moments of each other. I love that I am able to see photos of my nieces' activities within minutes of the action. My children will never know what it is to write letters to send through the mail because long-distance phone calls are so expensive they are saved for the MCI Friends Calling Friends free on holidays program. They will never know about printing doubles so there are copies to send to grandparents (as long as the pictures turned out!) I am grateful for the ability to easily keep in touch with so many.

"Now, the mandrakes can't hurt me."
Nov. 19: I am thankful for husbands who plan date afternoons and teenage OARs who cheerfully watch the Littles! 

~ The Gemmell's post of the day: Hey Ms Tacy!!! Being filled with the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to drop in and thank you sooo much for being such and awesome "Second Mom"!! You teach me so much, and you're such a great, Godly influence. Thanks for putting up with me every time I pop in for a sleepover; I love hanging out at your house. You've got a beautiful family, and I love each and every one of them so much. I can't wait to get you into Sherlock!! LOVE YOU <333 span="">

Nov. 20: Today I am incredibly thankful for dirty dishes because they mean we have plenty to eat, a lovely home to rest in while we consume our meals, running water with which to clean, and and healthy bodies able accomplish the task.

Elyas (3) found one lone pair of shorts hidden among his pants and came downstairs wearing them with a t-shirt announcing:  "I'm wearing REAL clothes. Not those awful cover-your-whole-body things."

Nov. 21: As I was listening to Little Rutherfords excitedly chatter about the annual Christmas Tree Game beginning tomorrow, I realized just how thankful I am for traditions. As each new Little Rutherford joins our family, they are seamlessly wound into Family Rites & Rituals. We eagerly anticipate the various traditions, some of which are new to us and some of which go back generations on either side. The pool of memories simply becomes deeper with each passing year. 

Dawson, helping me put away clean dishes, was assembling a solid/liquid measure incorrectly. I asked him to look at it and tell me where a liquid would be. His answer? "It's a free form molecule. Therefore, I see no difference since the liquid would easily adapt." Dratted smart kids.

Nov. 22: Tucker, whose turn it is to prep the Thanksgiving Turkey, studies the shoulders quite seriously before pronouncing: "I do NOT think Goofy could actually get his head stuck in there."

Elyas (3), peering into the sink at the turkey: "Hi little turkey. I'm going to eat you and be verrrrrry happy!" 

I am so thankful for friendships that span the years. As I am mashing potatoes, I am grinning like a mad thing at memories. We don't see or speak nearly often enough, but Eric & Melissa hold a premier space in our hearts. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends.

Nov. 23: I am extremely thankful for the sister & brother I was blessed to grow up alongside. Jenna & Ryan remain some of my favorite people. They were constant friends in our lives of army transfers, the first to hone movie quoting abilities, the ones I can count on to induce instant laughter as we remember countless ridiculousnesses over the years, and one of my favorite perks of being a Dubach. Love you both. Lots.

Nov. 24: I'm very thankful for laughter. Especially the infectious kind.

Nov. 25: I am so thankful for my added-in brothers & sisters. I was so thrilled to gain a sister in Brittany when Scott and I married. She has such an adventurous spirit & different perspectives than I which helps me to see the world in a whole new way. Daniel joined our family from across the pond and has a quiet strength. I appreciate his perspective, his gentle approach, and the joy he brings to Brittany's life. Not to mention his fabulous Harry Potter accent. Laura is such a marvelous partner for Ryan that seeing him with his perfect match was joyful in itself. But to find that I utterly adore her was icing on the cake! I admire her work ethic, her physical abilities, and her very generous heart. When Jenna married Aaron I finally attained the Aunthood that I had dreamed of for years. He brought with him two precious nieces & then they added Sweet Sadie. Aaron is always willing to be ornery with the Little Rutherfords and he adds much laughter to our families.

Elyas (3) singing: "Aidan got ranned over by a reindeer . . . AND HE DIED!!!" ::::maniacal giggling:::: 

Shelby (16) knocks on the bathroom door. Tucker (9): "In here."
Shelby: [knocking] "Done now?"
Tucker: sigh
Shelby: [knocking] "Now?" . . .[knocking] "Now?". . . [knocking] "Now?". . .[knocking] "Now?". . .[knocking] "Now?"
Tucker: "Oh for the love of Peeps!!!" 

Lessons from the Rutherfords. How to quickly clear a room: Kiss your husband.

Twins (7) leave the table without clearing their dishes & run for the stairs for their baths. 
Self: "Boys! You forgot your dishes!"
Keats: "We'd better get back down there. She always finds us."
Aidan: "Yeah. She's freakishly good." 

Elyas (3), clomping down the hall in daddy's boots singing:  "I'm wearin' my big-footed daddy's clomper shoes! I can crush you like a woooooooorm!!" 

Nov. 26: I am thankful for friends who are mostly family. You each know who you are!!

Nov. 27: It's snowing! I adore waking up to a world sparkling white and more coming down in soft, drifting flakes. It is still my absolute favorite "Good Morning!" from God. And I am again thankful for our new home. To enjoy the snow while sipping my peppermint mocha coffee in a toasty, draft-free house is a treat we've not had in 11 years. Great morning to all!!

Homeschool perks. Math & piano drills with a hot cup of coffee and newly fallen snow.

15 pounds at 6 months? That is SO last baby.  15+ pounds in 90 days. That's how Cooper rolls.

~ From The Gemmell: The boys of "The Big Bang Theory" have just found the true One Ring prop from The Lord of the Rings...

Sheldon (holding up the Ring) One ring to rule them all...
Raj: One ring to find them.
Howard: One ring to bring them all...
Leonard: And in the darkness bind them.
Raj: Holy crap, are we nerdy!

This is so us!!!

Nov. 28: I am stunned that despite everything which conspired against us this morning, we made it to piano on time. And I'm extremely thankful that we managed to laugh about the whole process.
Happy, happy boy.
Nov. 29:  TMMs. A very thankful sigh for each and everyone of you.

Nov. 30: Today I am not only thankful for the friends each of my children are blessed with, but the families which raised each and everyone of them. Because of the diligence of these parents, neither Scott nor I hesitate to have these kiddos be a part of our family. Thank you, moms & dads, for your daily efforts, choices, & love for your children. It shows!

Abigail (5): I'm so hungry!!!!
Me: "You just ate!"
Abigail: "NO! That was only second breakfast!"

I am sitting around the corner sneakily listening to Tucker (9) reading a story to the Littles complete with voices & sound effects. He's patiently answering questions throughout, pointing out interesting illustrations, and asking the Littles what they think will happen next. Mama heart flutters!!!

The Great FB Migration: October 2012

Oct. 7: District 12 Salute above the dam within the actual, honest to goodness, true blue District 12. Movie nerds unite! 

At the site of District 12 in Mills River, NC.
Oct. 9: On the road again . . . 
After an epic visit to District 12 & Henry River Mill Village followed by family bonding in Asheville, NC, we are journeying across TN on our way to a lengthy stay in Little Rock. 2 adults, 2 teens, 2 Tweens, 3 energetic bundles of energy, 1 boisterous toddler & a just turned 1 month old. And no one has died & lots of laughter with only occasional grouches.

Oct. 11: Leaving Harding University today, I was struck by the lack of longing I felt. I expected to feel tugs for the good old days, sentimental yearnings for that part of my life of more than 20 years ago. Instead, I felt a peace and joy as I looked at what was leaving the campus with me: a family built over the years since. I have no desire to go back. I am perfectly content with my life today. And if that is all I discovered today, it is quite the gift.

Standing outside a bathroom at Harding with Cooper hanging with me in the Bjorn while I lounge against the wall with my hands in my jeans pockets waiting for the crew, I was approached by a student. 
"Are you the one in my math class?"
Self: "Nope." [grins]
Student: "Oh. [looks closer & notices Cooper] I thought that was your backpack!"
She begins to notice other Little Rutherfords. 
"Are these all yours?"
Self: "Yep." [still grinning]
Student: "I thought you were, like, 20!"
Compliment accepted.

Back where it all began at the Harding University Bible Building where Scott & I were married almost 18 years ago. Who knew what we had started?!

Oct. 18: Bittersweet day. Friends are waiting in Tennessee, family is waiting in Ohio & Pennsylvania, yet leaving family in Arkansas tomorrow. This is one of those days when I truly appreciate the beauty of heaven which awaits. 
Four generations 
Oct. 19: Memphis Skyline ahead. Early morning goodbyes left most Little Rutherfords teary & tired, so other than Jim Dale's wonderful narration of "Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire," it's been a quiet sunrise. 2,576 miles and counting.

3,201 miles and stopping for the next 36 hours. Streeeeeeeeeeeetch. 

Oct. 21: Heading home with a happy heart & grateful for thoughts full of memories and arms still warm from goodbye hugs.

Passing the "Pennsylvannia Welcomes You" sign, Abigail's eyes lit up as she asked, "Are we finally back on our world?" 3,349 miles and counting . . .

3,635 miles. Home. Ahhhhhhhhhh

Oct. 23: First non-Scott day in 47 days. We're all a little blue around here.

Oct. 25: Exciting day for the Rutherfords! At the orthodontist awaiting the unveiling of Isabelle's new smile.

Oct. 26: Tucker
Oct. 29:  Hurricane Sandy Hits. Still enjoying our electricity and basement is the only place we're getting water. So far the Rutherford 11 are weathering Sandy quite well.

Power flickers . . .

Calling it a night. Continued prayers for everyone throughout the night and hoping that when we wake up our lights will still be working.

Oct. 30: Woke up to power and much less water in the basement than we thought. Winds & rain are light while most of the houses around us are very, very dark. Very thankful for our being passed over in this storm.

Several shingles on our back deck & in the grass. Not yet willing to go outside to figure out if they're ours or not. Littles still think this is quite the adventure. OARs didn't sleep well thanks to the noisy wind. Popcorn and Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire audio for breakfast.

Oct. 30, 2012: First birthday without Granma Bach.

No mater how many times I read or watch it, I'm always hopeful Frodo will simply destroy the ring instead of finally allowing it to take him over. I'm really not sure what that says about me.

Oct. 31: You know you're a unique family when two packages of new cloth diapers arrive and the kids are as excited as you are! Buddah Cooper grew much faster than we thought he would. Hold on kiddo: we're getting them ready as fast as we can!

So. . . Good Mom for being completely caught up in the merriment with the kiddos or Rotten Mom for not taking a single picture of Halloween imagination?

The Great FaceBook Migration: September 2012

Sept. 1: Pregnant wife- check. Mexican food- check. Newborn baby-trying for sometime in the next 12 hours.

Sept. 3
Sept. 5:  "Hey mom - you know that book you recommended? It was really great." Hey kiddo - I know. That's why I recommended it.

As "Star Wars, Attack of the Clones" concludes: "Hey - isn't this the one where she pops those babies out? Aw, man! Letters. That means it's over. Totally gypped." Abigail, 5

Sept. 6: Jonas Brothers before 8:30. I don't need coffee, I need espresso.

Yay Niner!!! You're coming!!!!! At the hospital with Scott, oodles of nurses, and an impending epidural.

Sept. 6: Waiting on news on mommy!

Sept. 7: Officially our longest labor yet . . . We've hit Sept. 7 and still nada.

"You could lower a rope or a tree branch or find something useful to do."
"I hate waiting."

Sept. 7 at 2:45 am

~ Cooper Finnick is here and has been pronounced to be in excellent health! Already nursing like a Pro, breathing beautifully, and had his first sponge bath. He is completely worth it. Thank you, for the prayers, the encouragement, and the love. Our lives have been made richer by all of you!

from daddy: "But you, O Lord, are a God of compassion and mercy...."
Thank you.

8 lbs, 2 oz & 21 inches
The two littlest Rutherfords.
Sept. 8: We have finally discovered the downside to a large family. Fighting over who gets to hold the baby.
Sept. 9: A great first outing: Tucker's 1st Soccer Game
Sept. 10: Scott: "Abigail, what treat do you want, a donut?"
Abigail (5): "Well, no, I like chocolate."
Scott: "What's your favorite kind?"
Ab: "The big one."
Atta' girl.

Sept. 11: Meeting Cousin Sadie

Sept. 11: We are so blessed! For two weeks, we are being provided meals to simplify our Cooper transition. It's amazing to me that so many have so generously provided dinners for our family of 11! It is hard to not feel humbly overwhelmed.

Sept. 11: Boy Heaven is . . . iPad MineCraft & TiVoed Monday Night Football. 

Sept. 11: Elyas, falling asleep and completely floppy on the couch. Scott tries to awaken him with minimal effect. 
I call out, "Elyas, you want a frozen yogurt?"
Eyes pop open, he leaps off the couch, and runs for the kitchen while grinning.
That's experience, baby.

Sept. 12
Sept. 12: Found Elyas (3) pouting on the floor.
Self: "What's wrong, Jacko?"
E: "I'm too little to help vacuum. I want to help."
Self: "Hmm. Wanna steam mop the kitchen?"
E: "Yay yay yay!!!"
My evil plans are working. Mwahahaha!!!

Sept. 13: How do you know you've been to Dunkin a little too frequently? When they complete your order over the drive-thru speaker & let you know your whole bean coffee is finally in before you even think to ask about it.

Sept. 13: Elyas
Sept. 14: First trip to our beloved Camp Manatawny for a one week birthday.
Sept. 18: Yay Isabelle!!!! After nearly 2 years of orthodontic work and earning the right to enter every time, she finally won the gift card drawing for excellent braces care!! The gift card go a long way towards the camera she's been saving for. I love seeing her excited face and sparkling eyes. 

Sept. 18
Sept. 19: There is something very ironic about using the technologically advanced iPad to learn how to fasten an old-school Pre-Fold diaper. I miss my grandmothers all over again.

Sept. 20: Only his mother can make him as content as Jack Johnson. I might be a little jealous.

Sept. 20: My men.
Sept. 22: Piano practice on one side of the room, Jack Johnson guitar being learned in the kitchen, FB time & "The Hobbit" newest trailer being watched on the desk top, LOTR "Return of the King" director's cut being watched on the TV accompanied by a rousing game of pick-up snakes, reenactment of Saruman and Wormtounge's death scene on the bench, baby snuggling and observation of the action from the corner. Normal Saturday activities? Priceless.

Sept. 24: Two weeks paternity leave done, one to go. Then, 3 weeks of vacation? I might forget how to spell hospital, let alone that I work for one. I could get use to this.

Sept. 25: Shelby: "Mom, you've taught me well. I am proficient at holding a baby and coffee at the same time."My work here is done.

Sept. 26: Burst into tears tonight when my Man-Child came into the kitchen wearing jeans from the men's section. Mostly, I'm excited to watch them growing up and becoming all adulty. Mostly.

Sept. 30: 0500 stuffed and about to roll
Sept. 30: Elyas (3): "Is this heaven?"
Self: "Nope. Maryland."

"Are we there yet?"
"I told you if you asked again, dad's head would explode."