Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bah - He Came Back

Nox returned.  After only a few short days away, he was discovered sitting on a window ledge at the front of the house. Tucker received hero status for finding Nox and the crazy creature again received enough treats to feed every cat at the pound.

But, before you despair over my lot in life with this cat, he may have just pushed too far today. After spending a total of 90 minutes chasing Nox outside (Shelby began logging it as a school project), which is where he dashed literally every time someone had the temerity to go outside and enjoy the day, the kids are less than enthralled with the cat. As Shelby sighed about his caterwauling to get out and turned the volume up on her computer math program again, she asked me if there really is a farm nearby that would take Nox. Of course, I urged her to really pray about whether or not she wanted to relocate Nox before making such a decision (while hiding my inward glee) since I felt strongly that this would be the correct "mother position" to take.  But that was before dinner.

During dinner, Nox came into the living room and climbed onto our basket of blankets and left his customary deposit -- urine. (Yes - these are the same blankets he chose to demonstrate his displeasure on during an earlier incident.) An unsuspecting Keats grabbed a blanket to wrap up in and immediately shrieked. As of bedtime, everyone in the house agreed that Nox needs to move to a farm somewhere where he can run in and out without the danger of catfights (our backyard) or being run over (parking lot in the front) before one of us kills him. Even Keats was disgruntled about needing another bath and his favorite jammies having to be washed.

So, we'll see what happens in the end. In true Carpe Diem form, I called Scott at the hospital immediately and told him to start putting the word out that a charming, orange tabby cat is in need of a loving family with plenty of room to roam.  Perhaps he can manage to convince a medicated patient that Nox is the perfect companion.