Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We Cut The Cord!

The landline cord, that is. As of yesterday, we are officially cell-phone only. And, while we made the decision with a lot of discussion and weighing the options, it feels really, really weird to no longer have a landline after 36 years of having a phone tied to a wire in the house. No phone in the kitchen. No phone on the desk. No phone upstairs. Well, actually, there is a phone upstairs. The old Mickey Mouse phone I received for my 17th birthday that actually has a cord connecting the receiver to the base. Now that phone is old. And is most certainly not plugged in. (The kids like to play with it and pretend Mickey is calling them.)

Only time will tell how long it takes us to stop reaching for the phone on the counter and to remember it's in our pockets. But, for now, this is just weird.