Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One of Those Days

Doesn't Elias have wonderfully precise aim? While trying to calm him, I found that laying on my back while rocking him on my legs seemed to do the trick. I would lower my legs and then raise them again, playing a wacky sort of peek-a-boo. It worked beautifully right until I became the primary target. Eeewww.

Ahhh, the bliss of a relatively silent home. I say relatively since I can hear the hum of the computer, the steady click of the baby-swing, the whirring of the super-fast front-load washer spinning the clothes out, the dishwasher's steady swish-swosh, and an occasional snore drifting down the stairs. Scott is at work, Elias has exhausted himself screaming, and I am simply waiting for the washer to beep so I can throw clothes into the dryer. I should be doing something productive such as reading a mind-enriching book. Or actually attempting to complete Elias's baby sampler (which is still only 1/4 of the way finished.) Or assembling some of his baby scrapbook. Or any number of things besides sitting here doing practically nothing. But it's been one of those days.

You know the kind - where no matter how valiant your efforts, you just can't seem to get caught up? And no matter how hard you try to remain calm, you feel the overwhelmed bug slowly creeping up your spine? We made out the "what we still need for Halloween" list, and it is reallllly long. When will that get done this week? And I confirmed the kid's eye appointments today -- has it truly been a year already? We started school back up after a week off for Mimi & Popi's visit -- that made for a rough day. And then we had my niece, Sadie Sue, here. I love having her here, but I always feel like such a lousy Aunt when we can't just play the day away. I gave in and ordered Pizza for dinner - another resolution shattered. And after dinner tonight I felt like I needed three more sets of arms to keep up with all the bodies with greasy pizza hands. And Scott is leaving for a week long trip this Sunday -- YIKES!

I am thinking it was exactly in response to days such as this that Unisom was invented. Hmm. Can I take that while nursing?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Extremes, Abigail Style

How could this face ever look anything but sweet?

Here's a sampling of our almost daily view . . .

. . . at the ball game . . .

. . . eating donuts . . .
. . . enjoying some ice-cream . . .

. . . YUM!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Weeper

Sweet Elias. That's what we call him. Sweet Elias. And he is. Right up until sometime between 6 and 7 each and every night. That's when the screaming begins. And the screaming is really, really loud. And there isn't too much any of us can do about it. Isabelle can get him to stop, but at some point, we have to let her go to bed. So, eventually it's just me and The Weeper, hanging out downstairs. There isn't much I can do - reading is impossible, blogging just this little bit has been crazy tough, and forget following a plot line when you can't hear the dialogue of a movie. So, I settle for practically memorized movies as I bounce our newest bundle around.

At least it only lasts for three hours, right?