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The Great FaceBook Migration: September 2012

Sept. 1: Pregnant wife- check. Mexican food- check. Newborn baby-trying for sometime in the next 12 hours.

Sept. 3
Sept. 5:  "Hey mom - you know that book you recommended? It was really great." Hey kiddo - I know. That's why I recommended it.

As "Star Wars, Attack of the Clones" concludes: "Hey - isn't this the one where she pops those babies out? Aw, man! Letters. That means it's over. Totally gypped." Abigail, 5

Sept. 6: Jonas Brothers before 8:30. I don't need coffee, I need espresso.

Yay Niner!!! You're coming!!!!! At the hospital with Scott, oodles of nurses, and an impending epidural.

Sept. 6: Waiting on news on mommy!

Sept. 7: Officially our longest labor yet . . . We've hit Sept. 7 and still nada.

"You could lower a rope or a tree branch or find something useful to do."
"I hate waiting."

Sept. 7 at 2:45 am

~ Cooper Finnick is here and has been pronounced to be in excellent health! Already nursing like a Pro, breathing beautifully, and had his first sponge bath. He is completely worth it. Thank you, for the prayers, the encouragement, and the love. Our lives have been made richer by all of you!

from daddy: "But you, O Lord, are a God of compassion and mercy...."
Thank you.

8 lbs, 2 oz & 21 inches
The two littlest Rutherfords.
Sept. 8: We have finally discovered the downside to a large family. Fighting over who gets to hold the baby.
Sept. 9: A great first outing: Tucker's 1st Soccer Game
Sept. 10: Scott: "Abigail, what treat do you want, a donut?"
Abigail (5): "Well, no, I like chocolate."
Scott: "What's your favorite kind?"
Ab: "The big one."
Atta' girl.

Sept. 11: Meeting Cousin Sadie

Sept. 11: We are so blessed! For two weeks, we are being provided meals to simplify our Cooper transition. It's amazing to me that so many have so generously provided dinners for our family of 11! It is hard to not feel humbly overwhelmed.

Sept. 11: Boy Heaven is . . . iPad MineCraft & TiVoed Monday Night Football. 

Sept. 11: Elyas, falling asleep and completely floppy on the couch. Scott tries to awaken him with minimal effect. 
I call out, "Elyas, you want a frozen yogurt?"
Eyes pop open, he leaps off the couch, and runs for the kitchen while grinning.
That's experience, baby.

Sept. 12
Sept. 12: Found Elyas (3) pouting on the floor.
Self: "What's wrong, Jacko?"
E: "I'm too little to help vacuum. I want to help."
Self: "Hmm. Wanna steam mop the kitchen?"
E: "Yay yay yay!!!"
My evil plans are working. Mwahahaha!!!

Sept. 13: How do you know you've been to Dunkin a little too frequently? When they complete your order over the drive-thru speaker & let you know your whole bean coffee is finally in before you even think to ask about it.

Sept. 13: Elyas
Sept. 14: First trip to our beloved Camp Manatawny for a one week birthday.
Sept. 18: Yay Isabelle!!!! After nearly 2 years of orthodontic work and earning the right to enter every time, she finally won the gift card drawing for excellent braces care!! The gift card go a long way towards the camera she's been saving for. I love seeing her excited face and sparkling eyes. 

Sept. 18
Sept. 19: There is something very ironic about using the technologically advanced iPad to learn how to fasten an old-school Pre-Fold diaper. I miss my grandmothers all over again.

Sept. 20: Only his mother can make him as content as Jack Johnson. I might be a little jealous.

Sept. 20: My men.
Sept. 22: Piano practice on one side of the room, Jack Johnson guitar being learned in the kitchen, FB time & "The Hobbit" newest trailer being watched on the desk top, LOTR "Return of the King" director's cut being watched on the TV accompanied by a rousing game of pick-up snakes, reenactment of Saruman and Wormtounge's death scene on the bench, baby snuggling and observation of the action from the corner. Normal Saturday activities? Priceless.

Sept. 24: Two weeks paternity leave done, one to go. Then, 3 weeks of vacation? I might forget how to spell hospital, let alone that I work for one. I could get use to this.

Sept. 25: Shelby: "Mom, you've taught me well. I am proficient at holding a baby and coffee at the same time."My work here is done.

Sept. 26: Burst into tears tonight when my Man-Child came into the kitchen wearing jeans from the men's section. Mostly, I'm excited to watch them growing up and becoming all adulty. Mostly.

Sept. 30: 0500 stuffed and about to roll
Sept. 30: Elyas (3): "Is this heaven?"
Self: "Nope. Maryland."

"Are we there yet?"
"I told you if you asked again, dad's head would explode."

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