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The Great FB Migration: August 2012

Aug. 1: Three more  projects completed! The bench is repainted, the table paint is touched up, and all living room blankets are freshly laundered. The list is getting shorter!!!!

I adore how much more imagination the kids use when listening to orchestral pieces instead of songs with lyrics. In the last hour they've shot arrows from bows while running from creepy dogs (Hunger Games Soundtrack), danced and Irish jig (Harry Potter Soundtrack), & been attacked by sharks (Jaws soundtrack.)

 Just hanging' with my brother. Literally.
As I work my way through the pile of accumulated mending, I can't help but think that tonight, I don't care much for fixing. I'd much rather just go purchase replacements.

Aug. 2: Thought about our poor, neglected blog for the first time in ages last night. Poor thing.

Aug. 3: Popped over to Target to get the twins more socks for Camp next week. Got out and went to the crosswalk area, where this very sweet, older couple were waiting to cross, she using a walker, he with a cane. Car after car zoomed by while they stood, supporting themselves, in the heat. Finally, I went out in the middle of the walk with my large, pregnant belly and just stood there, staring down every driver who tried to pass, until the couple was able to get across. When I went inside Target, the gentleman had tears in his eyes, hugged me, and then said thank you for helping his wife.  Really -- is it so hard to be kind?

Another Pre-Niner Project down! Diapers prepped, organized,
and ready for easy access as needed.

Two more projects down!!! New chairs sealed and the high chair
purchased by my grandmother 16 years ago has been resealed.
Per Scott's request, no refinishing was done.
Every spoon bang, marker scribble, and worn-thru finish was left alone.

Aug. 4: Our son, Dawson, earned a spot in the County Swim Finals this morning, placing 15th overall. Not bad for someone who missed all but one swim meet with a cast on his ankle! 

Driving to Camp this morning:
Abigail: "He hit me in the head!"
Elyas: [quite offended] "I did not hit her! I punched her!
Self: "Elyas, punching is hitting."
Elyas: "No. Hitting is with your hand. Punching is with a fist. See?" and he proceeds to punch Abigail again. 

Looooooong day!
Dawson swam County Trials this morning starting at 7:50 warm-ups. Qualifying rounds at 10:10.
Tucker had closing ceremonies for Elementary II week at 10:00.
Shuttled Tucker & Shelby home for showers and laundry.
Returned for registration for Keats & Aidan's first week of Camp at 2:00.
Back to County Swim Finals for Dawson's warm-ups at 4:30.
Dawson races at 7:05. Have his medal ceremony at 7:45 - he placed 16th.
Run by Subway to feed Dawson. $5 footlong stuffed with veggies gone in 10 minutes flat.
ETA to Castle Rutherford: 9:00. Showers, laundry, & bed ASAP.
Our summer business is officially over. Phew. 

Aug. 5: Yesterday's lesson on hitting/punching and it's effects today:
Dawson (13): "You know, dad's an old man."
Abigail (4): "He is not! I may just punch you in the face! Elyas taught me how, so it will hurt!"

Words of wisdom to my sons: if you have enough time to shift your backside off the seat BEFORE evacuating your gas, methinks you probably have enough time to leave the room first. Please, do us all a favor & observe the latter option.

Aug. 6: Saturday I began debating giving out an annual trophy to the Little Rutherford who does the best job packing to LEAVE camp. 

Tucker (9) came home exactly like he left: sleeping bag in stuff sack & dirty laundry inside the bag inside his duffle with the pillow strapped to the top. It was fantastic!!

Shelby (16) had piles and piles overflowing everything, requiring multiple people to help her get her stuff to the van.

Scott was all for the idea & the suggested we could call it the "TRAR award".  Or, the Tacy Rutherfotd Anal Retentive Award. Oh, I see. Sarcasm. 

Aug. 7: Elyas woke up this morning and promptly announced: "I don't wish to wear a diaper anymore. I am going up to get my underwear. I'm a big boy now."  Three trips to the bathroom and still dry later, I'm thinking he actually means it.

Sleeping prince.
Aug. 8: Oh no they did not!!!!!! 
Aug. 9: Another project complete! Shelves cut to size,
restained to match the coffee center, and filled with family kitchen antiques.
Kitchen is finally complete.
Keats & Aidan at Elementary 1 Week
Aug. 10: "Mother, may I have a snack?"
"Abigail, you are already eating something." 
"Yes, but I may run out and be very hungry still so I would like to be prepared."
"How about we see how you're feeling after you're done eating?"
"Mommy, you're trying to starve me like Harry Potter!"

Tucker (9) while watching Olympic Wrestling: "I don't really know why, but this sport just doesn't look right."

Scott's position on Synchronized Swimming: "They freak me out!"

Picking up the oldest two Rutherfords from a Library Lock-In tonight, I passed several groups of teens lounging about on the corners, waiting their turns to ride around the neighborhood on car roofs. Oi! Never so grateful that our kids are book-nerds whose idea of fun is to hang out at the library after hours!

Aug. 12: During playful banter and laughter I retort, "Well, you wouldn't have had these kids without me." Tacy immediately deadpans and says, "Get out." Yeah, it's been a rough week of parenting for the 35 week pregger. 

Aug. 13: Pre-Niner projects completed: Curtains hung in the master bathroom, master bath tub de-limed using only baking soda & elbow grease, new drapes hung in the boy's bedroom, back door drapes ironed and hung, art work/pictures hung in Master bedroom, and oil, wipers, & air-filters changed in the Rav. It's been a GREAT weekend!

Keatsy-Boy, hanging Poolside August 13

August 14: Elyas announced that going to the potty takes too much time and he prefers diapers for now. He then laid down, put his feet into the air and called out, "Dawson, diaper me, please." I'm okay with that.

August 14: Dawson, commenting on his water-polo induced clawed-up torso & neck: "These scratches aren't that bad, mom. You're just overly sensitive about my welfare."

August 15: Keats: "I am finding that my imagination is not used as much when I am on a device*. I believe that going away for three weeks with just our brains and each other will make them bigger."

August 15: Elyas comes out with the box of dog biscuits we keep for the neighbor's dogs.
E: "May I eat one?"
Self: "No, they're for Roxie and Mac."
E: "Oh, I know. But can I eat one?"
Self: "No honey - there's liver and guts in there."
E: "Oh, I know. So can I eat one?"
Self: "Elyas, your breathe will smell like doggie-breath!"
E: "Oh, I know. May I eat one?"
Self: Sigh. "If you must."
Crunch, crunch, crunch.
E: "Disgusting. Thanks, mommy!"

Van updated for Sir Cooper, August 15

August 17: Introducing the oldest three to "Alien" as part of Dawson's birthday movie madness. Fairly impressive special effects for 1979! The kids are impressed with seeing young Mr. Ollivander & Bilbo Baggins. Following "Alien" will be "The Hunger Games." Gotta' love Amazon getting it to you before the release date!

The crew has just made it into the distressed ship for the first time, & all the kids are freaking out at how grodie it is. Scott snarks, "I don't think they're gonna make it to the end of this movie."

"Don't go in there, Ollivander! Run back to the safe ship!"
"Too late. He's gonna die."
"What? I'm so gonna cover my eyes!"
"Don't die, Ollivander! Ewwww!! Plugging my ears now!"
"Totally tell me when it's over, dude. Tap me on the shoulder."
"Why is he touching it? Don't do it!"
"Dude, run."
"He's a gonner."

"Dude: that was like a liver attacking of its own volition!" 

"Why on earth are they following acid blood?!" 

"I would so be throwing Ollivander back out. It's acid blood, man!"

"Hey, that's Grace from Avatar!! And she's in Holes!!"
"Whoa, what happened to her face? She's, like, really young!"

"They are totally, pathetically scared people. It's just an alien." 

"Ewwwwww!!! That alien looks like a spider!"
"That's disgusting!"
"Actually, it looks kind of like beef stroganoff."
Scott: "Yeah, there's no way they're gonna make it." 

Scott: "So, what do you guys think so far?"
Dawson: "It's not as scary as I thought it would be."
Scott:"Dude, you hid your eyes & plugged your ears."
Dawson: "Uh, yeah."

The alien is beginning to appear:
"Not watching! Not watching!"
"Oh gross! That. Is. Nasty"
"Holy cow. Disgusting."
"Dude, Ollivander just exploded and died!!"
"Um, when you saw the red, I just shut my eyes. You guys are fools."

~ "Dude, why are they opening the door?"
"They deserve to die if they're so stupid."

"Oh man - that guy is so dead!"
"I dont want to watch this anymore."
"Ewwww! That's its skin! It's bigger!"
"Yeah, he's really dead now."
"I wanna close my eyes, but I can't"
"Idiot! You never go in alone! Scary movie 101." 

"There is is! There it is! There it is!"
"Oh, noooooooooooo."
"Yep. Dead."

Scott: "Isn't this a good movie?"
Shelby: "Um, yeah, It's great. Not."
Isabelle: "It's good until it's bad. So could you, like, tell me when it's about to be bad so I think it just stays good."

Dawson; "This is the worst birthday decision ever. Ever."

"I can't watch this any more. Please, shut it off!"
Tacy: "No way! We have a following on FB! This is fun!"

Skipping to the end. Pathetic.

Scott: "Now, there is still scary stuff."
"Okay - so we're at the end. The alien is dead, right?"
Scott: "Uh, no. That's what I meant by there is still scary stuff." 

"Oh, now that is gross."
"Are those hands?!?"
"Whoa. That is not a lot of clothes to battle an alien in."
(Inner mouth appears) "That was nasty! What is that?"
"Oh, a gun! She kills it! Good!"
"Shoot for the head! One shot kill!"

"That thing is ridiculous!!!"
"Oh, yay! She shot him!"
"The cat lives!"
"Oh, I'm so glad that's over."
"Actually it wasn't that bad." 

Scott: "Well, what did you think? You just survived your first scary movie. Well, sort of."
"That was freaky."
Scott: "You know, that is just as good as the first time! We should get the second one!"
Girls leave the room, muttering: "That was freaky. I get why Nana wouldn't turn the lights off. That was awful. Why did they make that? Hey - got any more Jelly Bellies?" 

Epic fail. "Alien" is now off the TV. Total inability to watch a truly scary movie. Pathetic.

Starting "The Hunger Games" now. A full 2 hours and 50 minutes before official launch. Eeep! Amazon rocks!!!!!

Prim wakes up from her nightmare and Katniss begins to sing. Scott begins to chuckle. We all turn around with questioning eyes for an explanation.
"I don't know why, but I was expecting to hear: Soft Kitty, Warm, Kitty, Little Ball of fur . . ." 

~  Shelby: "Oh, I love Effie's shoes."
Dawson: "Seriously?! That's what you're thinking right now? Sister screaming as she's taken away and you think about shoes?"

Nope, not nearly as funny as watching the gang cringing at "Alien." Most fun I've had in weeks.

Dawson: "I love Haymitch. I wish I could be him. You know, except for the drunkard aspect. Although those are my favorite scenes."

Shelby: "Mom - that you would wear that Capital Lady's outfit really bothers me."
self: "Sure I would wear that one. You'd wear Effie's shoes."
Shelby: "Um, yeah. Those were COOL."

Abigail: "Hey! Is this one of the movies you made me go to bed early for so I wouldn't watch it?"
Scott: "Abigail, sweetie, what are you doing?"
Abigail: "Well, my Ramona is over. Can I stay here and watch what I'm not supposed to?"

Dawson: "Are you kidding me? You are still talking about shoes? Is that all you talk about? Is that all you see?"
Shelby & Emily: "No. But we HAVE to notice. We ARE girls."
Dawson: "Games to the death and you focus on shoes. You would be so dead if you were in these games."

Scott commentating on Peeta's ability to paint bark camouflage onto his arm: "Because they had a big demand for log cakes."

Scott is prepping to leave for work and I am going to turn in, leaving our awake Little Rutherfords plus One to their beloved "Hunger Games." We hope you have enjoyed tonight's window into the crazy that is us. Signing off.

August 20. Sigh.
August 21: Cough, cough. Hack, hack. Wheeze, Wheeze. That would be the sound of 6 Little Rutherfords plus one King of the Castle lounging about while incubating the most frustrating virus *I* have ever experienced.

August 22: Abigail has bronchitis. Office did a culture to determine other infection since we have 5 more sick kids at home. If hers comes back positive, we'll have 6 on antibiotics at once. And after 10+ days of gross, we're fine with that.

Aug 26: "Can I do the dots, please? And can I sit in Cooper's seat while dotting?"

August 27: And another Rutherford goes down. Elyas confirmed ear infection with a probable double if we hadn't taken him in. Results from Abigail's culture came back positive for bacteria this morning, so we aren't even hesitating on antibiotics for E. Surely this is it, right? Day 16 and counting . . .

August 28: How to have fun with a family of Sci-Fi Junkies: Download Darth Vader breathing and assign it to your text message tone. Then sit back and watch each of them freak out as they look for Darth Vader every.single.time you get a text.

As Shelby has run into the store to pick up some goodies for the family and allow me to rest my swollen ankles, I have decided that teenagers ate truly God's reward for years and years of effort. Contented sigh.

August 29: The kids are watching "Raiders of the Lost Ark."
Keats (7): "Mom, can we puh-leeeeze watch the scary, face-melting part?"
Self: "Fine. But no one is allowed to have nightmares."
Scene ensues.
Abigail (5): "Now that was some great face-melting! Looked kinda fake, but I really liked it!"
Aidan (7): "Super cool!"
Elyas (3): "Hey mommy, can we melt faces, too? Dawson frustrated me."

August 30: Elyas (3) on the iPad: [very sing-songy] "Hey zombies, come and get me. I'm not afraid of you! I can't watch melting faces!"

I don't think I've ever seen anything as comical as our identical twin boys trying to solve a dispute through the age-old "Rock, Paper, Scissors." In over 40 attempts, they tied. Tied every time.

August 31: Query: when did politics become arguments about intelligence?

My opinion is my own and I do not come by it lightly. I presume the same is true for you. 

I also know that my own experiences, faith, and knowledge weigh into my decisions. Again, I presume the same is true for you. 

For either side to challenge the intelligence of the other due to a difference of opinion seriously sounds like first grade nanny-nanny-boo-boo. 

For goodness sakes, grow up already

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